Monday, May 28, 2007

This is how it happened...

Many people are asking how it all happened, so I have prepared this blog to fill in some of the gaps. Of course, I will be compiling a little clip in the near future that documents the events - but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photographs and a brief version of our happy story. Remember that you can click on the images to see a larger version.

The proposal happened after a wonderfully romantic evening at a beautiful country cottage on Mt Macedon. For over a year, I had wanted to take Naomi there and show her where I had lived. The place has always been special to me, but more so now than ever before.
After a delicious meal of French cheeses, crayfish, oysters and other delights we snuggled by the fire before heading to bed for a long and restless night.
Neither of us slept very well. Naomi knew something was up... but she had no idea quite what was in store.

In the morning, we went for a walk to the top of the mountain, and then drove back to see the property that I had lived on. She saw the cottage, and then we walked through the fields and past the dam... and into the forest.
Earlier that week, and again the day before, I had been in the forest preparing a clearing for the occasion.

This is the site that I chose, before work started. You can see Ludo in the foreground - it was good to have his approval and support :)

I did not have much time to clear the area, as I had to be back home before Naomi returned from work. The necessity of the situation made for some very efficient activity indeed.

Before too long, things began to look respectable. Above, we can see the day before's preparation and installation of flowers...

There really were a lot of flowers! I had a great time arranging them, and must thank my good friend Marcus (whose family own the property where all this happened) for his help throughout the day.

arranging and re-arranging

and also talking to Naomi on the phone, pretending I wasn't in the forest being sneaky!

It was a delight to see the arrangement taking shape. There was such an energy to the whole process, I almost felt as thought I was being carried along - all of the decisions were made so smoothly and naturally. But then again, that has been the theme of our whole relationship.

So the flowers were mostly in place the day before, and I returned just after sunrise while Naomi lay sleeping to add the finishing touches. The central display can be seen below, with roses galore as well as lillies, orchids and other pretty things. At the base of the arrangement I made a heart out of red rose petals. In the centre of the heart, I placed a hollowed-out red rose, with the ring nestled inside.

This is the broader area - three rose petal hearts, leading to one giant cushion of petals in front of the central arrangement.

It was spectacular, and very emotional. The whole area was screened by trees, ferns and greenery. After ten minutes of walking through the forest, we rounded some dense growth and were greeted by the above image.
I was already crying, and it only took seconds before Naomi joined me.
What followed were many hugs and beautiful, heartfelt words... although it did take a good 15 minutes or more before Naomi was able to get anything out :)

Much to my absolute joy, one of the words that Naomi did manage to say was the word "Yes".

For over an hour, we stayed in the clearing... with the flowers and petals, the peaceful forest, and our feelings for each other.

This is the ring! It was the outcome of a rigorous design process, and I am very fortunate that it was ready in time for the weekend activities. Even more impressive, was that the ring fits her perfectly. In time, I hope to forget the five sleepless nights I spent trying to slip things onto her fingers while she slept, in my attempts to guess her ring size.
For the design, my goal was to come up with a form that was subtle and elegant, and would suit Naomi's personality as well as the image that she has of herself. The response she has received has been very heartwarming, with people that are closest to her saying that the ring is just perfect and couldn't suit her more.

The best part, is that Naomi loves it too. :)

Even after all of the excitement and anticipation of my months of planning, I still was not prepared for the overwhelming emotion that we experienced that morning together. Naomi did not have any advance warning or opportunity to prepare herself, and her feet certainly haven't quite touched the ground yet.

I hope that they never do.